Saturday, January 18, 2003

Hi World...yeah, so I'm the worst blogger in time, but I'm new to this journal thing and will, eventually, get the hang of it.

So, as you can see, it was Halloween when I last blogged and it's now getting closer to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Valentine's Day.

The holidays were...hellish, but no more so then they should be. Thanksgiving was full of turkey and all the trimmings as well as family chatter that echoes in the rafters after everyone has left plus leftover to hold us over until Christmas. We had the usual family festivities and I think we were all very happy with what Santa brought us. My sister was definitely happy with her present from her fiance: a nice diamond mounted on a white gold band, very pretty and very sparkly. (collective oos and ahhhs are to be

New Years, ahh, New Years, a time to eat too many snacks and drink a little too much bubbly. Do I have a resolution? Nope. I'd only break it. So I just want this year to be better then last year and to be back in the arms of my snookie. But that is a goal...not a resolution, um, yeah.

School! Fall semester is over, two A's and a C 3.33 yeah baby! One semester left and I get to graduate. St. Ambrose here I come!

I got to spend a week away from the family with some good friends who I don't get to see often, that was A LOT of fun! People, you have to get out and explore!! There is so much to see in this beautiful country! I will see all fifty states!

So currently: I'm trying to add one more class to my already busy schedule but I'm taking that should help me relax, find harmony, and hopefully my sense of balance. My classes this semester include two computer classes, philosophy: theory of logic, speech: interpersonal communication, yoga: beginning, trig (for review, pre-calculus here I come)! and the unknown class that I have a week to find.
So far, they are mostly enjoyable. Half of the baseball team is in the speech class which makes me want to strangle them all with the snide comments and immature machoism, but hey, it keeps the teachers attention off of me. The computer class is a joke. "This is a mouse, this is how you point with a mouse..." and so on. But I'll sit in the back and do my work and then my homework for my other classes. That's all the gripes for now, but hey, it's only the first week.

So, I think you're all caught up on my life, sad isn't it? I'm finding it amusing. I must dash now, have homework to stare at and a cat to bother.

Friday, November 01, 2002

Okay, I'm back...miss me? School is crazy but at least it is half-way over. I'm doing great in all of my classes excpet my pre-calculus class. Ugh.

Halloween was great though we have so much candy left over. SUGAR RUSH!!!! The house looked great, my costume was fun, and nobody smashed our pumpkins!!

Vikki, we love you and hope you feel better soon!!

There is more to come to the page as soon as I find the time to do it. Ahh, the joy of homework.

Halloween quotes of the night:
"Do you have any doughnuts?" a tiny princess
"Can I have your big sucker?" same princess as above
"Can I smash your pumpkins? No? Do you know any that I can smash?" two 12-year old punks
"Hey! The kids are here!" my dad

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Ahhhh, family, gotta love 'em...or so they saying goes. I choose to disagree. Oh well, it's another chapter to my story of life. Okay, enough cliches.

The bio quizzes were hellish like always but they're over for another week. Pre-calc. has me running for my Eeyore stuffed animal and my fuzzy blanket. Anth. is...anth. and it's all just another day of school. So what's up for this weekend? Ummm, trying to kick the cold away that has been hovering ever so close to invading my healthy cells and battling with my white blood cells, and...I don't know what else.

Next weekend is Fleet Week and you know what that means...really cute guys in spiffy uniforms!! Whoo-hoo!! This also means my younger brother spouting off random bits of this and that about any plane, boat, or military vehicle he sees. Thankfully, I have earplugs.

Lune says: "Lune amie parle le Japones"
(and if it's not grammerically correct--she's just learning so be nice!) :-)

Until next time...byeee!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Okay, I'm any of you out there who actually read this thing. What have I been up to lately? Working on getting this page to actually look like something (THANK YOU LUNA), homework, and helping to plan not only my sister's wedding, but also my parent's Silver Wedding Anniversary. They officially celebrated on October 1st...but we're having the huge shing-ding later on due to everyone's crazy schedules. Who-hoo! As far as the wedding goes, well, I firmly believe that the nightmares won't be over until after they say "I do". But anyone who has gone through a wedding and/or planning one, will tell you I'm saying things they've heard many times before. :-) Anyhoo....that's all for now. I'm off to study for the three bio. quizzes tomorrow! YAY!!

Monday, September 16, 2002

Still doing homework. Does this stuff ever end??

Sunday, September 15, 2002

This is a test of the emergency silly goose foundation....if you hear a loud honking noise, do not be alarmed!! HONK!!!

Hi....welcome! Please have patience, this is a work-in-progress situation. My computer and I fight a lot so changes take time. However, I'm learning quickly so we shall see improvements eventually. :-)