Thursday, October 03, 2002

Ahhhh, family, gotta love 'em...or so they saying goes. I choose to disagree. Oh well, it's another chapter to my story of life. Okay, enough cliches.

The bio quizzes were hellish like always but they're over for another week. Pre-calc. has me running for my Eeyore stuffed animal and my fuzzy blanket. Anth. is...anth. and it's all just another day of school. So what's up for this weekend? Ummm, trying to kick the cold away that has been hovering ever so close to invading my healthy cells and battling with my white blood cells, and...I don't know what else.

Next weekend is Fleet Week and you know what that means...really cute guys in spiffy uniforms!! Whoo-hoo!! This also means my younger brother spouting off random bits of this and that about any plane, boat, or military vehicle he sees. Thankfully, I have earplugs.

Lune says: "Lune amie parle le Japones"
(and if it's not grammerically correct--she's just learning so be nice!) :-)

Until next time...byeee!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Okay, I'm any of you out there who actually read this thing. What have I been up to lately? Working on getting this page to actually look like something (THANK YOU LUNA), homework, and helping to plan not only my sister's wedding, but also my parent's Silver Wedding Anniversary. They officially celebrated on October 1st...but we're having the huge shing-ding later on due to everyone's crazy schedules. Who-hoo! As far as the wedding goes, well, I firmly believe that the nightmares won't be over until after they say "I do". But anyone who has gone through a wedding and/or planning one, will tell you I'm saying things they've heard many times before. :-) Anyhoo....that's all for now. I'm off to study for the three bio. quizzes tomorrow! YAY!!